Fatima Al-Shemary is a graduate of the University of Washington, Bothell. She lives in the Seattle area and speaks both English and Arabic. She works for a non-profit organization called Citizen University and does freelance writing on the side. Her work has been published in Clamor Literary and Arts Journal

Aje Björkman is of Swedish birth, his feet planted in Swedish soil, too. He's a freelance journalist based in the south of Sweden. His creative work in Swedish has appeared in the Swedish online journal Rymden and in Bonne Nouvelle. His creative work in English has appeared in Bird’s Thumb, Entropy, One Throne Magazine, the Shipwrights Review, Squawk Back, and in “Remaking Moby-Dick,” a special issue of the Pea River Journal. Visit: www.ajebjorkman.se.

Birgitte Bröndum was born and raised in Denmark but currently lives in Sweden. She is a student in the English Studies program at Malmö University. Previously, she worked as a chef in Denmark, but one day she realized she’d had enough of the kitchen and has not looked back since. Birgitte has become a dedicated poet, especially poetry with many brutal enjambments, but ever since she discovered that the best lines come to her when she's in the state between sleep and wakefulness she's been taking quite a few naps. 

Jakob F. Dittmar has a wide range of interests. He is a docent in media and communication at Malmö University, with a focus on cultural studies and visual communication. Accordingly, all kinds of texts and images interest him, some related to his work, others without constraints. 

Malin Elfgren was born and raised in a sleepy Swedish suburb but currently lives in Malmö. She is an office coordinator by day and an aspiring writer by night. She is also a huge Jane Austen fan, an avid quiz-goer, and will take any opportunity to swim in the ocean. 

Johanna Jellback lives in Gothenburg, Sweden, where she is studying English and creative writing. She says she reads too much, doesn't write enough, and spends ridiculous amounts of money on awesome and weird foreign sweets. English is her second language. 

Randi Lindholm Hansen is a Copenhagen-based writer, and her mother tongue is Danish. She studies in the English Studies program at Malmö University. She finds endless pleasures in the Danish language but feels that English offers opportunities a small language like Danish never will. She’s also interested in storytelling through film and has spent an exchange semester studying screenwriting in Istanbul. This is her first publication. 

Carl-Johan Mellin works as a cashier in a grocery store but writes poetry and prose whenever he has the chance. He hopes to become a teacher in English and history, but as of now, he dreams of traveling the world, capturing slivers of it in writing. You can find more of Carl-Johan’s work at https://howtojohan.wordpress.com/ 

Alexandra Mouratidou was born and raised in Greece. She holds a BA in Business Administration & Management from Middlesex University and has worked in various fields. Currently, she is studying at Malmö University, in the English Studies program, where she is about to graduate with a focus in linguistics. English is her second language. Her work has been published online and in print in the Poetry Issues pamphlet. 

Aron Polner was born and raised in New Hampshire, USA, but has been living in Sweden since the age of six. His dual citizenship and interest in music pulled him into poetry. He currently lives in Malmö, Sweden and works with home care services. This is Aron’s first publication. 

Jennie Ståbis is a musician and songwriter from Sweden. English is her second language. She has been writing stories, lyrics, and poetry for as long as she can remember and has been published in various poetry collections. Jennie studied creative writing at Malmö University and has a BA in English from Uppsala University. She currently lives in Stockholm, where she's working on her third studio album.