The winner of the 2015-16 Conrad-Nabokov Award is Johanna Jellback, of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Our judge for the award was novelist, poet, and literature professor April Lindner. (Please find more information about her below.) We are extremely grateful for her participation! It's not easy choosing between the apples and oranges of poems and short stories, but as a writer of both, herself, April was uniquely quaified for the job.

The authors shortlisted for the award were selected from all submitters to both the 2015 and 2016 issues. These were fiction writers Aje Björkman, Anna Rickman, and Johanna Jellback; and the poets Maria Exarchou and Birgitte Bröndum. Congratulations to you all as well!

Along with her final decision, here’s what Ms. Lindner said about the process and about Johanna Jellback's winning short story "The Other Half":

It wasn't easy choosing among some very strong entries. My first choice is "The Other Half." Complex and haunting, "The Other Half" drew me in from its first sentence. In just a few deftly crafted pages, the story builds a vivid and menacing world and peoples it with characters I root for and one or two who terrify me.   

Congratulations to Johanna Jellback!!!


And thank you again to April Lindner!

April Lindner is the author of three young adult novels, Jane, Catherine, and Love, Lucy, all published by Poppy/Little, Brown Young Reader. Far From Over, a digital-exclusive novella, was published by NOVL in April. Lindner has also published two poetry collections, Skin (Texas Tech University Press) and This Bed Our Bodies Shaped (Able Muse Press). She teaches writing at Saint Joseph’s University and lives in New Jersey.